According to astrology when will i get married

When will I Get Married Astrology? | (Marriage Horoscope in )

There are so many questions related to marriage yogas, second marriage, direction of marriage, marriage longevity etc that confuse you about getting married and you start delaying the marriage process. Marriage astrology is an excellent solution to get rid of this confusion. The marriage predictions based on the time and date of birth are accurate.

The horoscope based on the date of birth can give you exact predictions about the date of marriage, nature of your partner and longevity of your marriage. Horoscope helps to study the prospects of marriage before doing any kind of marriage prediction. When there are strong prospects of marriage, astrologers can tell whether you will have an early marriage or late. If a person has prospect of marriage in his horoscope, he will get married when his dasha-bhukti will be connected to seventh house.

The other condition required is dasha-bhukti lord and fifth house lord. In men, marriage happens during dasha-bhukti of Venus as the Venus is the benefactor planet of marriage in men. In women, the benefactor planet is Jupiter and the marriage happens during the dasha-bhukti of Jupiter.

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The planet Rahu is also known to bring about marriage and that is why the dash-bhukti of Rahu is also important. It should be considered to find out the exact date of the marriage. To study the prospect of your marriage, overall strength of 7 th house is studied first. After this analysis, the position and nature of planet Jupiter and characteristics of 5 th house are studied to get the date predictions of marriage.

The marriage prospects are indicated when the 7 th house of your horoscope is inspected by planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Sun. These all planets are known as top rated planets in reference to marriage. We hope that you'd like this marriage prediction by date of birth.

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If you are not. Yantras Energised Yantras for You. AstroSage TV Subscribe. Some people who ask when I will get married have a very genuine reason for getting married. Whatever reason they have I provide help through astrology and try to resolve their marriage-related issue and also provide the remedy if there are hindrances in the path of marriage.

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Some people ask the question when will I marry because there is no lady in their house to look after their house and them. Some say that their mother is sick and to some other requires a housewife so that their domestic work may run smoothly. One of my friends who lived in Mumbai went to an astrologer for marriage predictions and he was informed that there is the possibility of three marriages in his life as per his horoscope. Now it is natural that he scared badly. He came to me and requested me to tell him the time of his marriage.

He wanted to know the accurate marriage prediction by date of birth. He asked about his marriage Y og then I took much time and told him that as per the south Indian astrological method you will get married within two-three days. Everyone was astonished to know this and asked how it is possible. In the above example another planet Mars was also on 7th house so as per my calculation this is multiple marriage yog.

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See the image below. Then I told him to perform his marriage with Kumbh earthen pot. The reason behind my advice was the existence of strong marriage yog. The strong marriage Y og existed at that time as per his horoscope but there was no bride for him. He was married to Kumbh Earthern Pot after three days and after eleven days his second marriage was done with Kumbh.


When will I get married by Indian Astrology

After the two months of this remedy, my friend came to me and informed me that he is going to get married and invited me to his marriage. This incident tells us that when the planets responsible for the obstacles in marriage are strong we should perform remedial measure. The remedy was successful therefore third marriage done easily. So I think when a person ask an astrologer that when will I get married with exact time prediction of marriage astrologer should tell the remedy to remove the obstacles in the path of the marriage also.

By telling this incident self-praising is not my intention.