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However, you might not expect how plentiful the rewards can be once they start to roll in. Envisioning your success is the first step to achieving it. Express your feelings with confidence. Your current environment may appear new at first glance but actually shares a lot in common with a former school, workplace, or haunt. There are multiple ways to shine in an atmosphere where diligence and dynamism are appreciated, and even admired.

Tarot: The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards

Power past initial impressions and let a deeper, more meaningful understanding evolve. Vulnerability is the ultimate icebreaker.

Aquarius THIS WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Current Love Energy- October 2019

A firm refusal to buy into a bogus drama can be a wonderful gift to yourself now. The benefits of focusing on your personal goals and productive interests rather than a sideshow distraction are too numerous to count. Direct your thoughts toward happiness, health, and prosperity, instead. The prospective rewards of advancing a specific agenda today might require you to put a less crucial project on hold. Plus, the camaraderie can make the work more fun.

Acting toward the realization of a sweet dream is a worthy priority. Create the world you want to live in. Your industrious ways can blaze a trail for others to follow. Steer clear of anyone with a long history of jealous behavior.

Santos Bonacci: How To Connect To The Christ Within You

Your volition is self-perpetuated, and your direction is self-determined. Your momentum can be as unstoppable as you wish. Your ambition makes you a dynamo in the pursuit of your dreams. You possess an unusually hearty appetite for anything that feeds your imagination today. Healthy food for your mind stirs mighty aspirations. An encouraging development may remind you of a subject you long to study in more depth. Be on the lookout for an opportunity for growth, especially in areas of education or philosophy.

An intellectual snack could lead to a veritable banquet of inspiration -- with each course offering something delicious. It takes consistent and conscientious effort to maintain a steady pace of achievement today. Occasional blinking is only natural, but you can consciously choose not to be wildly distracted by every random event. Gently bring your attention back to center if it wanders. Each gain made with focus moves you a little closer to your goal. The overall trajectory when climbing a mountain is up, up, up.

Patience is required to make the ascent, but the view from the top is magnificent.

Aries, March 21–April 19

Even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction. Hear the music, drink the wine, dance! You are a gem and stand strong on your merits. You know you are meant for something bigger than yourself. Cosmic Heart. Yours is. Opening larger. Love is like a dream for you this month.

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Oh Leo, you are getting a bursting heart this month! Let yourself enjoy this magnanimous love. Succumb to all the passion, unconditional affection and exuberant playfulness. This is as big as it gets. Let yourself crack open and feel ALL the feelings.

Love, like life, flows through the heart. Feel the thrill of the flow and say nothing. Your heart is yearning for more. More love, to find love, to have a more beautiful love. This month will help you refocus that desire.

When we search for love of another, we are seeking to match ours, to fill something in our own heart. You are going to find that in an unexpected passion this month. You are being pushed by the divine to give to the greater piece before you can get your own. Accept this gift that will bring your passion into greater purpose. You are dancing with the divine this month Libra. This can feel intimidating if you get in your head about all that power and attention on one soul. Let yourself grow even bigger than you ever thought you might.

Be a star in your career. In love, stop questioning it all. Just be. Go and notice your emotions and let them be free. Oh sweet scorpio, you seem to know—you just know before everyone. You feel things. This can be wonderful and so supportive, BUT it can also become overwhelming when everyone seems to want a piece.

You are being asked to go above and beyond at your job. Slow it down with loving kindness. You need to give more to you and this month is about learning how to do that better. In love, please do the same. Set some parameters. If partnered, this is the month to have more serious conversations.

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  • Spill the beans. Get rid of the incessant chatter. Let yourself crave silence. Release the tricks of your mind. The past is the past. Oh wow, and how you are feeling the magic this month Sag! Your love will feel stronger and better than ever this month. Let that love help you lose your muddy mind senselessness. And voila! A deal? A raise? A bonus? You are ready to move into the next level! Love carries us through the impossible and you are just the channel for it Cap. Channel love now. This uncertainty has been so hard for you being such a thinking sign.

    Seek no more. The answers are about to be given! Let life come to you. Go get lost in Amsterdam!