Five planets aligned astrology

Jupiter's the massive one!

Astrology Planets and their effects on mankind

Jupiter has been in retrograde from January 7th and will continue to be until May 9th. According to astrologer Dr Standley , when Jupiter is in retrograde, 'perspective and perceptions change. Our closest neighbour.

These Five Planets Aligning Tonight Will Shake Up Astrology - NYLON

And the planet I intend to live on one day if Richard Branson ever gets his commercial space flights situation off the ground. Me and Lance Bass, who's got some unfinished business with the space world.

Mars went into retrograde on April 17th and will remain that way until June 29th, during which time it's going to fuck up your sex life. According to Integrala Astrology , 'Mars is also closely associated with sexuality - not the love and romance aspect of sex, but the more instinctual, desire-driven side of it' which means that some astrologers would advise you give sex, especially a new sexual relationship, a miss as you will be 'lacking' in energy in this particular area.

The cute one at the end of the solar system. The one that they didn't let be a planet for a while.

These Five Planets Aligning Tonight Will Shake Up Astrology

Pluto can't be doing that much damage can it? Pluto in retrograde, as it turns out, is kind of a dick. According Serendipity Astrolovers , Pluto 'shows you who you really are in all your nasty glory so that you change.

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Saturn is the pretty one. With the rings. Saturn is known as 'the babe' of the solar system.

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In other words, all those times you been a dick in the past few months are about to come back and bite you on the arse. Astrology King also says this period 'represents a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear.

Planets Line Up in Spectacular Show

There are two different ways that the term alignment is used referring to the planets in our Solar System. The first way is if you were standing on the Sun, all the planets would appear to be lined up in a row. This is what most people think of when the they hear the term planetary alignment. The other kind of alignment is if all the planets follow a straight line.

PLANETARY ALIGNMENT 2016! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury

In other words, it is as if a straight line can be drawn through the center of all the planets. It is impossible for an exact alignment as viewed from the Sun — where the planets are superimposed — because of the differences in axial tilts of the planets. What we actually see in the sky is planetary configuration where the planets are in the same quadrant.

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  • Today, 5 Planets Align For The First Time In A Decade?
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The planets do however line up loosely more often than that. That is all it is, a rumor. There will be no planetary alignment in Many of the planets will align in a rather straight line in On June 13, , Uranus, Jupiter, and Mercury will be lined up on one side of the Sun while Venus, Mars, and Saturn will be lined up on the other side.