Gemini horoscope for february 27 2020


Mercury is retrograde from mid-October to mid-November , so then there are challenges and Gemini may have difficulty focusing on projects. From November 28th , Neptune turns direct in Pisces and that is the start of a favorable period in your career. Silence before the storm, because December demands a lot from Gemini, so it is good toast your boundaries.

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At the end of , so many things are changing. By then, Gemini can reflect on a new job, a completely different direction, new career projects, but most of all The first half of is therefore all about debt repayment and resolving tax issues. This Solar Eclipse has to do with the financial situation of your partner, which means that radical financial changes will be necessary.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can confront Gemini with an end to something like a death or inheritance, the breaking of a business partnership or relationship breakdown and the need to clean up financially. The year offers Gemini financial independence, especially in the first months of the year because you are taking a new direction.

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This cosmic event is the way to a healthy financial situation and financial settlement. Heighten financial security and cope with financial problems. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of 21st June in your House of Finance points to an improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of financial possibilities. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn of July 5th gives Gemini the opportunity to arrange financial affairs or to finance current projects or to reap the sweet fruits of earlier financial decisions.

This period is the gateway to a better financial situation for the long term. From November , Gemini receives financial security through a new job or new business or you finally receive lost assets or funds you owed. Family and Home Gemini was a bit behind the scenes in recent years, but now it's time to step into the light. Gemini has learned from recent years and has become selective. New contacts are nourishing and contribute to your future.

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The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12th, is the go-ahead to set higher demands on your social circle or family, because you have adapted yourself to situations for so long. April is aimed at restoring family ties or establishing friendships. Venus is retrograde in Gemini between May 12th and June 25th and even then there may be conflicts about an inheritance, responsibilities, moral principles or chores. Gemini wants more involvement, but it can be difficult to convince family members. Venus retrograde offers Gemini the opportunity to give family relationships a new chance and to reconcile with family members.

Health Generally a good year for your health. Stress and fatigue are harmful to your physical and mental health.

Pisces and Gemini Nature and Nuances:

Until January 3rd , red warrior Mars "marches" through Scorpio and therefore through your House of Health. The beginning of can therefore go uneasily, so there is a chance of a burnout, flu, infection, rash, fever or fatigue.

Overall Luck:

At the start of , the influence of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn of December 26th shows that a certain balance is needed to function properly in the first half of It's time to say goodbye to addictions and unpleasant habits. Creative activities such as drawing, painting and listening to and playing music will give relaxation.

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It will improve your mental and physical health. March can be a difficult month, because you hear or see something you can't talk about. Listen to your body, your temple of the Soul. Relaxation is the magic word to be fit and cheerful and to stay in control of stress. Pluto in Capricorn remains in your Home of the Soul for the time being. This year too you will be confronted with things that you try to hide deep within yourself. Will Gemini get married in ?

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That is a good question! When it comes to friendly relationships, you may be a bit distracted since you are likely to be more focused on your romantic life.

Make sure to spend time with them often to keep your bonds strong. Gemini Career Prospects For Gemini astrology forecasts that this year at work you will do your best if you are working alone. More will be expected of you at work this year. You are likely to work very hard and at a fast pace.

Even though stress is likely to haunt you, try to act favorably. This will make you stand out—in a good way—to your employer. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! You should have enough to get by, and a little extra to spend on fun stuff. Gemini zodiac people should not get too worked up about their finances.

Just try to keep them balanced. Gemini, you will need to work extra hard if you want to stay in shape or be healthy in general. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should exercise more and eat some fiber-rich foods. Try to rest your mind as well. You should work out your brain. But make sure to give it a rest every once in a while to keep your mental health at its peak.

Test Now! Your hobbies will bring you some joy, as well as the people whom you care about. January is a time for you to contemplate on your next move and concentrate more on education. February is an excellent month for intellectual pursuits. March might be a tough time for you to stay silent when you see something wrong happening. April is a good month to improve your relations with your friends and family. May will be a passionate and emotional month for the Twins. Practising meditation will be beneficial. June is an energetic month when you will want to do something new.

July is the right time to plan for the future. Be it a new career or relationships, this is a good month to think about it. August will be a month of professional upheaval.