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Then, they actually do it. The true Node is usually retrograde, but occasionally direct.


Outer planets are retrograde roughly five months of the year. Thanks to my first teacher Lance Ferguson, his teacher Dona Shaw, and the many teachers before them who passed along much of the information in this article. Dashas are a Vedic astrology concept that does not, to my knowledge, translate to Western astrology. You should seek out a Vedic astrologer to answer your question.

They are two entirely different systems of interpretation.

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My daughter has Mercury, Mars and Saturn retrograde. I can see she she is a walkover and very reserved, she has earing problems so thought this could be the problem at first too, until i looked into her chart and found the retrogrades.. What do you think I can do to make my child strong and not so reserved, I do try to encourage her but she said she finds it very hard to say no..

Planets, Luminaries, Asteroids, and Points in Astrology

Show her empathy, and keep the lines of communication open, so that she will continue to open up to you. Eventually, she will grow into the strength and power in her chart and learn to be more assertive. Thank you Molly! Fabulous info, really interesting, especially the animation!

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This tells me a whole lot more about my chart. I never really considered Rx before. It a crucial part of the interpretation! Thank you for this information, Molly. I have Saturn, Mars, and Pluto all retrograde in my third House. Learning more about my natal chart and how it influences who I am and my place in the world is greatly appreciated! Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Retrograde planets. Earth center , Sun black dot and Mercury red dot When you were a kid, did you ever go on long car trips, lie in the back seat and stick your feet out the window? Image: Wikimedia Commons What does a retrograde planet mean?

Own best teacher. Questions what others accept as gospel. More capable of dealing with abstractions and impressions than those with Mercury direct. Less concern for social amenities.

They may seek unconventional women. Tends to internalize rather than express anger. Mars retrograde women often choose men who are dependent, irresponsible, handicapped in some way, or social misfits. Outer planet retrogrades Outer planets are retrograde roughly five months of the year. Their moral and ethical code, religion, and philosophy are their own.

12222 Retrogrades

They seek answers from within rather than subscribing to the dogma of the outside world. They seek abundance in new, untried, and unproven areas. Retrograde Saturn : These people may doubt their worthiness as human beings. Because of the different looping shapes, there are at least eight different types of retrogrades for each of the planets. These loops vary in shape much more with the planets that are closest to Earth. During their respective retrogrades, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all come closer to Earth than the sun, penetrating the interior heart space of our system.

These retrogrades are more extreme in the distance the planet moves away from the ecliptic, which makes their loop shapes more exaggerated.

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So, we can interpret the retrogrades of Venus, Mercury, and Mars as being the most personal, the most challenging, and requiring the biggest adjustments. Jupiter and Saturn go retrograde more frequently, about a third of the time, and their loops shapes are more flattened and less extreme. So, we can interpret these retrogrades as being somewhat less personal, less challenging overall, and requiring smaller adjustments.

Since retrograde motion is so radically different than the norm, it's not a surprise that many people often experience it as disruptive. The question, then, is whether disruption is in and of itself a bad thing. It seems that getting off the beaten track could be experienced as less disruptive when we know it's coming and plan for it by building in some wiggle room. It also seems that relaxing our expectations, taking less for granted, and being more observant are all beneficial practices. As we know that retrograde motion is a side-effect of proximity, perhaps any problems we perceive during retrogrades are at least somewhat due to being too close to someone or something to see it objectively.

So, what to do? Taking our time, getting a little distance, and changing perspectives may be very helpful. In the end, a change in perspective might just give us access to an opportunity we would have missed otherwise.

How Each Planet’s Astrology Directly Affects Every Zodiac Sign

Viewed through this lens, perhaps retrograde misadventures can become worth it—even transformative. Retrogrades in the birth chart signify a person who needs to deviate from the norm from time to time. Most people have two or three planets retrograde in their chart.

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With Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrograde, there may be a focus or accent on the inner life, or a person may have a tendency to perceive things very subjectively regarding the affairs of that planet.