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Versatile and creative these people can do well in fields such as arts, sports and sciences. They tend to be impatient with others.

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The Engineer — Good at building things from start to finish, no 4 is in control, and a good planner and organiser. Honest, reliable and supportive these people are best suited for construction, research, computer sciences and land development.

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The Negotiator — our expert numerologists in Chennai feels that, the negotiator, with an enthusiasm that is contagious, will put others at ease and communicates very well. People with high energy, jovial and clever you are good at learning foreign languages and will have plenty of friends.

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The Pacifier — Friendship and harmony is identified with no 6 people. You look after others and ensure their comforts and hence make very good homemakers. Some other fitting careers are judge, politician and law enforcement agency. The Educator — Scholarly and poetic by nature these people love books.

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They love solving mysteries with their curious and intelligent minds. They would do well in research, music composing, spirituality.

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The Entrepreneur — As the description indicates, no 8 people are tenacious and strong willfully taking challenges and resolving them, our numerologists in Anna Nagar vouch. A loyal friend to people who like them and a ruthless enemy to adversaries they do well in politics, military, finance, business and stock market investments.

The philanthropist — these people do not tolerate injustice and are noble by nature.

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The number so obtained by adding up digits assigned to all the English letters used in a name is called Expression number, Destiny number or name number in numerology and it is believed that this number has got a lot to do with the way your luck works and your efforts bring result. For this reason, many natives are suggested by various numerologists, to alter or change their name in such a way that more suitable and desired destiny number or name number can be obtained which is supposed to enhance the luck of the native and accordingly the native can achieve success in a particular sphere of his life.

Acharya Manish Dwivedi Ji is one of the most popular and established astrologer. Numerous institutions and societies have recognized his work and honored him for his finest contribution towards Astrology. By Acharya Manish Dwivedi.

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